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форма за контакт с нискоенергийни сглобяеми къщи - нискоенергийни сглобяеми къщи, производство, монтаж - нискоенергийни сглобяеми къщи, производство, монтаж - нискоенергийни сглобяеми къщи, производство, монтаж

форма за контакт с нискоенергийни сглобяеми къщи

Welcome to

Еcohouse - нискоенергийни сглобяеми къщи, производство, доставка и монтаж

Do you want to live in a perfect house?
Do you want us to create for you a clean and energy-efficient prefabricated house?
Do you have your project and have you thought about its realization?
We will make your dreams a reality much easier than you think.
Esohouse is a specialist in the production of prefabricated houses that meet your project and budget. We produce and build prefabricated houses and offer a high standard of insulation and quality components. A professional team of architects, engineers, designers and project managers is at your disposal, who will help you to build your desired home. We will offer you the latest European designs and environmental technologies.
Offered by us houses are built on the principle of panel and having modern production technology. Prefabricated houses produced by our company are remarkable for their atmosphere and quality. They are warm, economical, sustainable, ecological and safe, they provide security and comfort, and meet all European requirements for energy-reduced prefabricated house.
What do we offer you?
- Consultation and advice on the selection of optimal design;
- Design and delivery of a prefabricated house within the agreed terms;
- Producing of all the necessary panels and elements for the assembling of the house;
- Supply of the components ready for assembly;
- Installation of the prefabricated house;
- Finishing works;
- Design and creating of landscape design;
- 3D interior design and furnishing according to your project of the house
Why do you work with us?
- Our products are made of high quality certified materials;
- Advanced production equipment, professional equipment and experienced team;
- We execute every project professionally and we keep the deadlines;
- A prefabricated house affordable for everyone;
Our experience is a guarantee for fast production and high quality - from concept to the full completion of the project

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